Mike Zelman Male 2851 S Parker Rd #1040, Aurora, CO 80014 Graduated in 1992 at UNC. 27 years experience in psychology, counseling and psychotherapy.
Mike Zelman Therapy http://www.mikezelman.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/img-about-mike.png USD Tu,Fr 9:00-18:00 (303) 353-4903 $60-$160 2851 S Parker Rd #1040, Aurora, CO 80014 Mike Zelman Zenco, Inc. As children, we tend to be optimistic, with hopes and dreams for our future. We dream of becoming astronauts, ballerinas, firemen…and the idea of reaching our goals is as exciting as achieving them. Sometimes, on our way to adulthood, we lose that sense of magic. I hope to be able to help you restore the magic and rekindle your enthusiasm, curiosity, and love for life.
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Counseling Services

Recognizing you deserve to be happy, and finding help to get there…

img-counselingWe are all faced at various times with challenges in our lives. Often there’s pressure or strain in our personal relationships. Perhaps it’s suddenly appeared, or maybe it was there for years before you chose to recognize it. Just like everything else, relationships require work, and I am experienced in bringing couples back together, in close, loving relationships. Or, if too many changes have occurred and there’s a desire to move forward on separate paths, we can help you make the transition with dignity, empathy, awareness, and self-care, also.

Our lives bring us anxiety and stress in many ways. In these difficult economic times, many families are finding it harder just to make it ends meet. Jobs that were changeable before are now too important to leave. I can help you manage the work-related stress in your life to make the present situation more tolerable for you.

Often, clients of mental health therapists find themselves in treatment consisting of years of reflective consideration, with regular scheduled sessions that review past events in microscopic detail and examine events associated with those years. I believe it’s of utmost importance to move your vision for a better life into reality sooner rather than later. Your work with me will be a process where we work together to identify goals and a way to achieve those goals. The objective is to ensure, that in a reasonable period of time, you are able to fully articulate your vision of a better life, and learn the tools to achieve it. Whether it’s chronic or acute depression, anxiety, or simply finding a better way to ‘be’ in your relationships, I will work with you to make things better.

With a wide array of options for therapy, including positive feedback, hypnosis and EMDR, I will get you where you want to be. Whether you would like private or group counseling, hypnotherapy, or couples work, I will meet your needs.

Please contact me today to schedule your first step towards a fulfilled and happy life.